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World Wedding Package

This option is for Clients who wish to book Dim Horizon Studio as their wedding photographers anywhere in the world! For those clients who do not live in the South-East region of the United States this is the package for you! After travel, room, and a per diem for food, receive all that is listed for the flat rate of $3499.95!

**Travel, Hotel, and per diem will be based on location – these fees are negotiated with client at booking and are required to secure photography services.**

**Please keep in mind that two (2) photographers are included.**


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Diamond Wedding Package

For the Clients that want it all and then a little extra, Dim Horizon Studio’sDiamond Package is the Rolls-RoyceTM option. This package includes an entire day of personalized photography coverage with the extra shoots (typically) desired by our clients as well as extended hosting and our lowest option for print pricing all for $4999!

As the diamond you wear on your special day, Dim Horizon Studio’s commitment to serve as your specialized photography studio will last forever.

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Sapphire Wedding Package

Clients interested in more bundled services then Dim Horizon Studio’s Garnet Package may consider our Sapphire Package option. With more photography services, an additional photographer as well as more processed images the Sapphire Package bundles more services while also reduces the cost of prints and additions all for only $2499!

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Engagement Package

The big question has been asked and someone said yes! Now is the time for engagement pictures! This is a lovely way to introduce your significant other to extended family, commemorate the big question, as well as get professional photos done of you as an official couple. This is also a great time to get a feel for different photographers and the theme you want for the big day. 

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Convention Package

Attending a convention with some awesome getup? Make sure you book a "Con-package" and guarantee to get quality photos of your amazing costume while at the convention. No more hunting photo hunting Instagram or Facebook for you! These packages are only available at select conventions and are a first come first serve basis. Slots fill up quick, so book now!

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Family Package

How often is dad or mom left out of the family picture because they’re the one behind the camera? Make sure to include every one this time, including mom, dad, baby, furbaby, and even grandma. Location is determined on whats easiest for you and your unique family. Let us help you get the pictures of your entire family that you deserve!

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Boudoir Package

A french term referring to a woman's private salon, bedroom, or the room between. These private places are where a woman's true beauty are most at home. Share this beauty with a beloved significant other as a wedding gift, birthday, or to admire ones true self.  

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Headshot Package

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